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We design your products from our French offices in Chamonix and produce them in our factories.

Why are we a leader in sports production?
- Low MOQ(Minimum production quantity)
- State-of-the-art factories
- Hundreds of projects carried out every year
- A global presence
- Mastery of all sewing and knitting techniques
- More than30 brands sports
international companies trust us
Technical clothing

- Short/long sleeve t-shirts
- Tank Tops
- Light polo shirt
- Shorts / Zipped shorts
- Sporty shirts
- Skirts
- Pants and leggings

- Hats / BOB
- Caps
- Visors
- Knitted headbands
- Technical hats
- Saharans
- Technical headbands

Wehave already produced more than 5,400 sock references intended for all sports markets with more than 700 yarn references and for more than 200 brands.

Running, mountain, skiing, mountaineering, cycling, golf, and others.

- Running belts
- Collar size
- Seamless neckband
- Bag
- Suitcase
- Shoe bag
- Cover
- Chasuble
"We are the artisans of excellence in the production of sports products. Our expertise in creating clothing, accessories and socks dedicated to sports is unrivaled. Our commitment to detail, performance and comfort is reflected in every product we make.
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