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SINCE 1940

The history of our textile group and the origins of our industrial know-how dates back to 1940, the year in which the grandfather of the founder of our textile group was born in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley.

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Starting out as WE:AR, we began our journey as a specialist division of Curlynak, the pioneer brand of the CN Textil and Co Group. This original initiative allowed Curlynak customers to personalize their favorite products, marking the first step towards our evolution as Nakotex.

2022 creation of Nakotex

In 2022, the dynamic evolution of the WE:AR business marked a decisive turning point. Faced with growing and diversified demand, Anthony Nakoneczny Marin took the strategic initiative to transform this activity into Nakotex, thus reflecting its development and growing ambition. This metamorphosis was consolidated by the integration of Nakotex into the newly formed CN Textil group, a key decision to catalyze its growth. This strategic integration has not only provided Nakotex with the resources to flourish, but also paved the way for sustained expansion and specialized development opportunities.

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During 2022, we intensified our learning efforts, acquired advanced equipment, and developed key skills. This strategic evolution allowed us to achieve our first significant successes with international brands. These achievements were the catalyst for the expansion of our production network, leading to the establishment of new state-of-the-art factories, strategically located to efficiently meet the growing and diverse market demand.

2023 Merger and integration

In 2023, with the birth of CN Distribution and Tisserin Distribution, resulting from strategic mergers with other key textile players, our group reached a decisive milestone. This expansion has not only allowed us to strengthen our dominant position in the market, but also to significantly broaden our horizon. Thanks to these mergers, Nakotex has made a significant leap, acquiring four new production sites and establishing a specialized sales force. This development marks a major turning point, opening new avenues of growth and innovation for our group.

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